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Standard Level & Higher Level Biology

Graduating Class of 2013

This page is to inform you of your homework, exam revision and any other information you will need.  The assignments will be listed in reverse chronological order so that the most recent work will be on top of the list.   


To Do Every Week:
Be sure to learn your lessons and learn the science vocabulary.  Students are expected to dedicate 20 to 40 minutes a week to learning 15 to 20  science words.   Knowing the material means you are ready for surprise quizzes and you will better understand, appreciate and participate in class discussions. 

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Which IB Biology book do I need?

The book for this course is Biology Standard Level or Biology Higher Level depending on which level you are taking.  The book is available at the EABJM Bookshop (SL is 41 and HL is 52).  Or you can click here to order the SL from Amazon France.  Alternatively, click here for the HL book.  If you think you might switch levels during the year, it is safer to buy the HL book. 




Videos and Web sites for understanding the HL material wewill be and have been working on:

Links used in class during HL lessons:










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