3ème Science

IQS - itineraires de questionnement scientifiques


  This page is here for students and their parents to check what needs to be done for homework.  This page will be updated each time there is a new homework assignment (check the date at the bottom of the page). 


  To do every week:  check your email to see if there are documents to print and bring, look over the notes we have taken in class, learn the science ideas and technical vocabulary so that you are ready for possible tests and quizzes.  To help you learn, I suggest you make Flash Cards

New System

  • Starting in September 2011, I am trying out the school's new online homework system on the "Vie Scolaire" page.  I will leave this site up as a page of resources but the weekly homework should be on the school's site. 

To Do for the first week of classes in September 2011

  • Send me an email with your name, class and science group so that I can gather everyone's address.  You can find my email address and further instructions on my How to Contact Mr. Damon page. 
  • You need to have a lab coat for the second lesson in September. 
  • The book we will be using is Biology for You.  If you did not buy it , you need to get one. Since you will be studying Physics and Chemistry later in the year, you need to buy Physics for You and Chemistry for You now. 
  • Each student should have a USB key.  Be sure your name is on the outside somewhere.  We need to know whose is whose.  Also, if you lose it, we know who to return it to.  If you are buying a new one, I do not recommend the U3 Smart drives in class.  For the moment, they are not compatible with Mac.  Also, 2 or 4 Gb is enough - do not spend more than 15€ for this.








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