Mr. Damon's guide to preparing for and taking the compositions groupées:


The Day Before Each Exam:

Get to bed at a reasonable hour.  Staying up all night to study will only make you perform less well during the exam the next day.  Whatever you managed to learn that night will be stuck because your brain will be too tired to be able to find it during the exam. Also, your immune system (which protects you from germs) does not work well when you are tired.  As a result, students often get headaches and runny noses because of germs that their tired bodies cannot fight off.  All this lessens the ability to perform well on an exam.

What to bring to the exam:

Pack your bag the night before.  Bring the following things

  • A watch
  • A pen (make sure you have ink refills or an extra pen)
  • A pencil for diagrams or tables (make sure you have a pencil sharpener or an extra pencil).  Some teachers ask for colored pencils - they should tell you in advance.
  • A ruler (some exams may require a protractor or a compass - the teacher should tell you in advance)  
  • A calculator. Many exams will say that you may not use it, but it is better to have it just in case.
  • A novel or something to read (which is not related to the class) in case you finish early.  You may not leave the room until the teacher dismisses everyone.
  • Do not bring "Typex", "Liquid Paper" or "White Out" to the exam.  Such tools will waste your time because you have to wait for them to dry before you can write again.  You should think before you write.  If you make a mistake, draw a single line through it and start again.  Example: I mispelled misspelled a word.  

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