How to Contact Mr. Damon


If you are a student:

You may contact me in the following ways:

  • In person.  Click on my schedule to find out where I am.
  • By e-mail at * - I usually respond within 2 or 3 days.  Please put your class, your group, your last name, your first name and what you are writing about.  Example:  




    1er IB DuPont Dominique - Which book?

If you have a piece of work for me which you could not give to me in class:

It is best to email it or give it to me directly the next time you see me.  If I am not in the Science Teachers Room (which is across from S34), the people in there will either be able to tell you where I am or will be able to take the paper and put it in my mailbox. To find out where I am, you can also check my weekly schedule.

If you would like to send me homework by e-mail, click here to find out the rules about how I would like you to do that.


If you are a parent:

You may contact me in English or in French in the following ways listed below.  The list is in my order of preference.   If your intention is to set up an appointment to meet with me (outside of the annual parent-teacher evenings), please have a look at my schedule so that you can suggest a time.

  • By e-mail at - I usually respond within 2 or 3 days.  Please identify yourself clearly, stating the name and class of your child.  
  • By note or letter - which you can give to your child to give to me or you can post it directly to the school.  
  • By telephone - I'm rarely at leisure to answer the phone at school but you can always leave a message.


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