Why can't I click on this e-mail address to send a message?

This is a protection against robots or viruses finding this e-mail address (see below). 

How can I send a message using this address?

To use the address, type it into your e-mail service using your keyboard (you cannot use Copy / Paste).  Once you have typed it, please do not add it to your address book.  It is better to keep your e-mail addresses in a text file or in another sort of document where viruses & robots cannot find them. 


What are robots and viruses?

When an e-mail address is in text form, there are computer programs called robots which scan web pages looking for them and collecting them.  When an e-mail address is found, it is added to a list and sold to companies who want to send lots of e-mails to unsuspecting customers.  As a result, once a person's e-mail address is published on a web site, the person gets all kinds of unsolicited advertising - sometimes hundreds of messages a day.  Such unwanted e-mail is called spam. 

A virus is a computer program written by someone in order to cause problems.  One example is a virus which might look at your address book and send itself to all the addresses it finds.  As a result, each person in your address book receives a message which says it is from you but it is not;  it is from the virus.  The result might be that it destroys certain files from your hard disk.

To help reduce these problems, I have put my e-mail address in image format rather than text format so that it cannot be copied.  You will have to type it in manually.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your understanding. 



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