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Here is what to write in the e-mail.

Important:  Please read through this whole page before you send anything.  There are some important rules all the way through that you need to follow - especially some to avoid viruses.  First of all, so that I know who you are before I open my e-mail, please write the following information in the subject line of your message:

  • Your class, your group, your last name, your first name and the homework in question.
  • Make it a short as possible - do not use any punctuation such as slashes ( / ), commas (,) or dashes (-) but put as much information in it as you can.

Below is an example for Dominique DuPont in 3ème group SA5 sending me homework questions 1 to 6 on page 65 of the science book:

3eSA5 DuPont Dominique P 65 Q 1 to 6
(Note: this part of the e-mail is called the body)
Dear Mr. Damon,
Please find attached my homework for Week 3.
Please send my graded work to the following address:
Thank you.
- Dominique
  • As this student did, you should always put a message in the body explaining what the e-mail is about.  This helps me keep track of my e-mails but also, this reassures me that it is not a computer virus which is using your e-mail address to send me stuff.

  • Just as you would for any homework, clearly mark the number of the questions your are answering. You may use abbreviations if you wish.  If it is Question 4 Part C, you can write "4c" on your page.

  • In general, I will e-mail my corrections and your grades to the address from which you sent the e-mail. If you would like me to send it to another address, please say so in a little note on the e-mail.

Other Particularities

  • E-mails must be sent no later than the date the homework is due. If the homework was to be given in during class on the 14th and your e-mail is dated the 15th, your work is considered late and you will have a grade reduction.


Here is how to send the work:

  • Send your work as an attached file ("fichier joint"), it must be one of the formats listed below.  To find out what format your file is, look at the last 3 or 4 letters after its name.  Those letters are called the file extension.  

Format rules: 

  • Format of File


    Special considerations:

    a text file ".txt" no images, graphs, tables are possible 
    a Word document ".doc" or ".docx" the latest version I have is Word 2007
    an Excel spreadsheet ".xls"  
    a web page ".html" please do not forget to send each image file too! 
    a Star Office or Open Office ".odt" or ".ods"  
    Works ".wks"  
    Power Point ".ppt" or ".pptx" not too many fancy transitions, no sounds, etc.

    I do not have Publisher ".pub" or Pages or any other desktop publishing or word processing program not listed above so I will not be able to see your work in any other format.

  • Please scan your work for viruses before giving it to me!

  • If you decide to send your work as an attached file, write the name of the file in the body of the e-mail. By the way, you should not call your file "Homework.doc" because if everyone did that, I would soon have dozens of files with the same name. Give it a specific title even if it is 4 or 5 words long. Also, inside the file, remember to put your name and class at the top of the page!


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