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These photos are from lots of different categories - there were not enough to form a separate category for each, so here they are all mixed together. 

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granite_shore.jpg (49980 bytes)

01 - Granite shore



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02 - NASA space suit



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03 - Spider's web



milk_storage_tank.jpg (28012 bytes)

 04 - Milk storage tank



metamorphic_rock.jpg (51938 bytes)

05 - Schistocity



tanker.jpg (18173 bytes)

06 - Tanker



cherries.jpg (37855 bytes)

 07 - Cherries



dune_plants01.jpg (40277 bytes)

08 - Dune plant



09 -  









12 -  


Additional Details:

  • 01 - This is the seashore off of the Maine coast in the US where I spent my summers growing up.  There are good examples of how granite is eroded and cracked into smaller and smaller pieces from both chemical and physical weathering.
  • 02 - This NASA space suit was on display at the Bourget Air Show in Paris.
  • 03 - Spiders' webs are hard to photograph - they are much easier to get a picture of when they are covered with droplets of dew early in the morning.
  • 04 - This is where milk is put directly after it comes out of the cows.  I took this picture at a friend's dairy farm.  This tank cools the milk and keeps it for a day or two before the big truck comes to take it away.
  • 05 - This photo demonstrates how some rocks are squeezed between other rocks to cause a phenomenon called schistocity.  The layers you see were not originally part of the rock, they were formed when the rock was put under pressure.
  • 06 - This is how much of the merchandise in the world is transported over the oceans.
  • 07 - A good year for the cherry tree in my back yard.
  • 08 - This plant is well adapted for life on the dunes on the west coast of France.
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