Organizing Your Science Papers


What is the best way to keep track of your papers in science?

The best method is to have a binder (also called a file) with rings which you can open and close.  In this binder, you should have plastic pockets (see picture below).  Start with about 10 and you can add more later.  In these plastic pockets you will put:

  • class notes

  • photocopies of in-class work

  • written results from laboratory investigations

  • old quizzes and graded homework to study from

  • blank lined paper for in-class work

Having all your science papers together will save you time when studying for tests and quizzes.  Also, when we do not finish a piece of work in class one week and the following week I say, "OK, take out the paper we were working on last week", you will not have to spend 10 minutes digging through your bag trying to find it. 

Why do the pockets have to be removable?

  • If you need more space, you can add pockets as the year goes on.

  • When we finish one unit or module , you will be able to remove most of the papers and leave them at home to make room for the next semester of work.  Such a system makes your school bag lighter.

Is it possible to put science papers in the same binder with another subject?

 Not a good idea.



A.W. Damon 2011


Last modification: 2011-03-01

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