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(C) Personal Work Procedure List

You must follow these instructions precisely each time you sit down at your desk to do your homework.

  1. Make sure that your desk is tidy. If there are any papers on your desk, put them away in the correct file or files. If you have any useless paper around, throw it into the waste paper bin.
  2. Make sure that you have a supply of clean writing paper on your desk. A French dictionary and an English/French dictionary should be near at hand.
  3. Take a pen, pencil, ruler and eraser and place them on the desk. Also take your Cahier de Textes.
  4. Look in your Cahier de Textes at the work you have to do for the next day -
    1. Is there any written work to do? If so, re-read the lesson before you start it.
    2. Is there any learning to do?  (Vocabulary?  Dates? Equations? Conjugations?)
    3. Is there any reading to do?
  5. If you have time left after you have completed the assigned work for the next day then you should:
    1. Prepare your lessons for the next day by revising the last lesson you were taught in those subjects. (Language lessons usually have new vocabulary that needs to be learnt.)
    2. Check that all the work you did today is placed in the correct files. You can read over this work, if you have time.
    3. If there is still some time left, look to see if you can do any work for later on in the week. If so, go back to the instructions shown in (4).
    4. Are there any corrections you should do?
    5. If there is still time available, you should spend it quietly, reading.
  6. The last thing you do is to pack your bag for the next day. Check that you have
    1. all of your books and files for the lessons. Check this with your timetable.
    2. any written homework which needs to be given to the teacher. Check this with your Cahier de Textes.
    3. your Cahier de Textes, Carnet de Correspondance, a pen, pencil, ruler and eraser, any special items e.g. your science overall for your science lesson, your Carte de Sortie, Carte Orange, lunch card.

    carte_de_sortie.jpg (21914 bytes)

Tip for organizing important papers:  

In addition to the folders I have for each class, I like to keep one folder that I call my "shuttle". It stays in my bag all the time, shuttling papers between school and home.  In it, I put the following kinds of things:

  • my Carnet de Correspondance so that I always have it with me
  • a copy of my weekly class schedule
  • a copy of my homework schedule
  • any papers which need to be signed by parents

It is a rigid plastic folder with flaps on each side and two elastics to hold it closed.  I have my name on it in case I lose it.


Note to Parents.

The sixième students need help preparing their bags for the next day. Please make sure that they go through the above list carefully. Also, please make sure that this is done in the evening rather than the next morning.

Students should have a minimum of money on them. Please especially check that they have their Carte de Sortie and their cafeteria card.

The sixième school bags are always much heavier than those of the cinqième students. This is because the cinqième have learnt to include only that which is essential. The sixième tend to bring everything, just in case. Please check that, for example, that they only have about four spare sheets of paper in their files. Some students carry fifty or more sheets of paper in each file.


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