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(H) Final Note to Parents


If your child makes use of the information presented here in the Study Skills Guide, he/she will gradually develop skills in method and organization which will serve him/her all through middle school and high school. If your child is encountering difficulties in a specific subject you should speak directly to the teacher concerned. The difficulty may be due to poor method or, perhaps there is something specific your child has not understood about a particular topic. If your child needs some specific aid with this topic, you may decide to ask the teacher for a private lesson to solve the problem. This type of private lesson should not exceed more than two hours tutoring. It is not helping your child at all to continue private lessons on a weekly basis for a long period of time. Very often the child grows to depend on these lessons to the point where he/she pays no attention in class. This type of long term help is destructive.


In certain cases there is a need for long term help. A foreign student or a French student who has spent a few years abroad, may need long term help with the French language, for example. This type of help will go over the work the student should have covered in previous years.


If you have any questions about the information in this Study Skills web page, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Damon.






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